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How Your Hotel Location Gives You Ideas About a Press Release Submission

Online press release submission campaigns are to attract web users to your business on the web. Here is one fact that should not be overlooked: Your hotel is not an online entity although you promote it on the internet and location is number one advantage in the physical world of marketing. So, do not forget to use this. For various […]

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Is the OR Tambo Southern Sun the Best Hotel in Johannesburg?

This is an independent review of a Johannesburg hotel. The author has no links and received no incentive to write this review. Travelling to Johannesburg is a frequent occurrence for me so it helps to find a luxurious hotel in close proximity to the airport. Over the years the OR Tambo Southern Sun hotel has always been my base except […]

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Hotel Marketing Tips for Writing Press Releases

For many hoteliers, writing press releases for hotels is an important component of their overall online marketing campaign. Thanks to the growing consumer awareness, such news stories offer a comprehensive scope for the hotel companies to promote their businesses and build their brand while disseminating relevant information to the consumers and investors alike. However, with so many news releases being […]

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Indian Hotel Industry – Is There Still a Silver Lining?

India’s rich cultural, architectural as well as intellectual heritage has not only attracted tourists but at the same time has led to a great inflow of corporate clients which have added to the growth of the hotel industry in the past decade. But business in hotel industry is cyclical in nature. Any change in the economy, affects the occupancy rate, […]

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The Significance Of Keeping Up With The Latest Insurance News

Insurance news will provide the latest updates to any deals and offers that are available. It also gives knowledge about the nature and policies of various companies. You can also get information about any changes in rules and regulations from any provider. Keeping an eye on it therefore could reap significant rewards. Armed with such information therefore, you may revise […]

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